Visit Victoria

Victoria’s Bike and Walking Trails

One of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and fresh mountain air of Victoria is on two feet or two wheels. Whether you’re into hiking or biking (or both), this wonderful city is surrounded by a host of amazing bike trails, walking trails, and conservation parks just waiting to be explored. For an […]


Whale Watching

Victoria is one of the best rated places in the world to view Killer Whales, also known as Orca’s.


Victoria Bug Zoo

With over 40 species of insects, arachnids, and myriapoda the Victoria’s Bug zoo is a must see hit for any budding entomologists (that’s bug lovers in scientific talk)!


Butterfly Gardens

Why struggle outside in the rain and grey winter weather when there is a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored? The Butterfly Gardens offer a beautiful greenhouse environment.